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Client Privacy, Rights, Responsibilities & Feedback

Download: Client's Rights and Responsibilities Brochure



Everyone who uses Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services Inc. has the following rights:

  • To have access to a polite, respectful community service, without any discrimination.
  • To negotiate access to services should barriers to access exist.
  • To know the name and profession of the staff member you see.
  • To get clear information about your issue or problem in words you understand.
  • To ask for the use of an interpreter service.
  • To take responsibility for issues that affect you. MVNS will encourage you to do so.
  • To take responsibility for issues that affect you. MVNS will encourage you to do so.
  • To accept or reject advice, information or referrals.
  • To have an advocate present to assist you in expressing your needs and wants regarding issues that affect you.
  • To request a transfer to see another staff member.
  • To give or withhold any information, including your name.
  • To know when you are being attended to by a student or to refuse the involvement of a student in your issue.


As a client of Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services Inc. (MVNS) you have the following responsibilities:

  • To abide by the rules of MVNS when on the premises.
  • To not be affected by illegal drugs or alcohol when on the premises.
  • To treat staff with respect and courtesy.

MVNS has the right to limit your access to the service on the grounds of service availability, client safety and/or misuse of the equipment or services.

Privacy Statement

Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services Inc (MVNS) sometimes asks clients and service users to provide personal details so that we may assist you. MVNS Inc. will take reasonable steps to keep all information which we hold (including your personal information) confidential and safe. Within this Emergency Relief organisation all staff (including volunteers) having access to confidential information are subject to confidentiality obligations. If we do not need to keep the information you provide to us it will be shredded to protect your privacy.

In some circumstances it may be necessary for MVNS to share the information you provide to us so that we may assist you. Information will not be shared with another service or agency without your express written permission.

There are times when MVNS will not keep some information private. When we become aware of child abuse or neglect or if you express a desire to harm yourself or others we have a legal obligation to let the appropriate agencies or government departments know.

You can request at any time personal information we may hold about you. We will endeavour to assist you with this as soon as possible. We will only provide information about you to you and nobody else (including friends or relatives). We may refuse to provide access to information held about you in situations where the National Privacy Principles allow us to do so. If we refuse access we will give you a reason for doing so.

MVNS also keeps non-identifying statistical data regarding patterns of service use by the public. None of this information identifies individuals in any way. You have a right to deny collection of any personal information at any time, for any reason.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or practices or if you would like more information please contact us at MVNS  by phoning the Manager on 6553 5121.

Feedback or Complaints

If you want to make a comment or complaint about the service you received at Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services Inc. you are encouraged to follow the procedure listed below. Your complaint will not affect your ccess to this or other community services and your comments will be kept confidential if you wish.

Step 1
You are encouraged to discuss the issue directly with the person or staff member with whom you have a difficulty. This can be in person, by telephone or in writing.

Step 2
Any complaint will be responded to with minimal delay. Staff members will advise the Management Committee of the nature and progress of any complaints.

Step 3
If discussing the issue directly does not resolve it, you can contact a member of the Management Committee. Details of how to contact the committee will be provided by staff.

Step 4
If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily at the Management Committee level, members of the Management Committee will provide you with details about making a complaint to the Community Services Commission


Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services Inc. (MVNS) welcomes your feedback.

To provide your feedback or make a complaint, please complete the Feedback/Complaint form and return to MVNS.


Download: Client's Rights and Responsibilities Brochure