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Manning Valley Women’s Group – Fistula Trust Fundraiser

Manning Women Behive for the Fistula Trust Fundraiser held 18th July 2009

The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia, co-founded by Dr Catherine Hamlin AC, treats 2,800 women suffering obstetric fistula every year. This Australian Fund supports this work to help some of the most destitute women outcasts in one of the poorest countries in the world.
For more information, visit the Fistula Trust website at:

Post Event Roundup

Despite committing the ultimate social solecism of Clashing Dates the Fistula Trust Fundraiser Ladies Night Out succeeded in outdoing our previous efforts in 2008.

We have sent the Hamlin Fistula Trust $786.55 in donations, and mailed out 86 pairs of ladies knickers directly to the Hospital in Addis Ababa.

For those ladies still hard at work knitting squares – keep at it! You can send your blanket direct to the Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia (see attached flyer). Postage by seamail will cost you between $24-$28 for a standard blanket depending on weight.

Thankyou to all of those (you know who you are) who donated so generously of their time, their skills and (importantly) their money to make a difference to the lives of the Ladies of Ethiopia.

We extend our congratulations to those ladies who excelled themselves in the Ladysports, particularly Mrs Debra Hunt, the newly-crowned Lady of the Evening.

In the eloquent words of the Outgoing Lady, Mrs Louise Enright, Mrs Hunt was enjoined to "carry the flag and demonstrate at all times…ladylike ways to those, to those who are, in varying degrees, let's say less refined…the responsibility can at times be daunting , but the cause is immensely worthwhile and satisfying."

Let us all take up the gauntlet laid down by Mrs Enright and carry the Flag of Ladyhood with  Grace and Refinement.

Yours in Ladyhood

Miss BAC Squire and Mrs R Robinson nee Bonsor