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Manning Valley Neighbourhood Services Inc (MVNS) is a community development organisation – we are well linked and networked.

Networks are the life blood for community service provision.  MVNS is very active in both maintaining and developing new networks as the need arises. We support and liaise with government and non-government agencies, to ensure effective and efficient service provision and community development.

MVNS has convened and/or developed various interagencies over many years.  The Manning Valley Interagency comprises the Manning Valley Interagency Network (MVIN), the Manning Valley Interagency Collaborate (MVIC) and the Manning Valley Emergency Relief Interagency.   It has a membership of approx 175 individuals and 80 services with a regular attendance of 20-30 workers.

MVNS also facilitated the reestablishment of the Community Drug Action Team and has a role in the facilitation of the MNC Multicultural Network through the Migrant Settlement Worker, and has recently established the Cooperative Legal Service Delivery (CLSD) Network with the secretariat role provide by the CLSD Project Worker .

In early 2011, we surveyed the interagency membership to determine whether there was a need for a change of format or direction for MV Interagency. While the majority were happy with the current form, it was clear that there was a need for a forum that allowed opportunities to discuss and develop avenues for a more strategic approach to local issues. Hence, the Interagency Collaborate (yes a verb) was born.

In 2007, MVNS was funded to develop a 2 year project through DOCS to research factors affecting poverty in the Manning Valley – this included identifying gaps and implementing actions, enhancing information exchange and networking amongst service providers. This has provided direction for interagency and MVNS over the past 4 years.

The report can be downloaded from our website and includes the findings, actions taken to that point and future focus.

Download the Action on Poverty Report (PDF, 752KB).