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Tax Help

“Tax Help” is a program run by the Australian Taxation Office, in partnership with the Neighbourhood Centre, to help low income earners with their annual tax returns. Volunteers are trained by the ATO to help clients complete their tax returns and the service is free of charge.

We have fully trained volunteers working in Wingham and Taree during the tax season (July to October). Our volunteers are trained to do only simple tax returns, and there are eligibility criteria that a client must meet to receive this service. To find out whether you are eligible for Tax Help please see below for the Tax Help Eligibility Criteria.

If you would like to become a volunteer for Tax Help, or would like more information or to make an appointment for Tax Help (only during tax season), please call  the Neighbourhood Centre on 6553 5121.

Who is Tax Help for?

Tax Help is for people on low incomes, including, but not restricted to, those who are also:

  •     seniors
  •     students
  •     people from non-English speaking backgrounds
  •     people with a disability
  •     Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Since tax can be complex, volunteers are only able to help with fairly straightforward tax returns. They can help identify and record income received through:

  •     pensions
  •     Australian government benefits and allowances, such as unemployment and sickness benefits
  •     salary or wages
  •     dividends
  •     managed funds
  •     interest.

Are you eligible for Tax Help?

Tax Help is only available to clients seeking help with their tax returns for the PREVIOUS financial year and your income is around $50,000 or less and none of the following situations applied to you in that year.

  •     You were employed as a contractor – for example, a contract cleaner or taxi driver.
  •     You were in business, including being a sole trader.
  •     You sold shares.
  •     You sold an investment property.
  •     You owned a rental property.
  •     You received royalties.
  •     You received distributions from a trust other than a managed fund.
  •     You received foreign income other than a foreign pension or annuity.